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Over 89% of consumers use their smartphones to access the internet every day. Our own research into smart phones indicates that 9 out of 10 searchers have taken action as a result of a smartphone search. - Google

Why Web Apps?

Why Mobile Web Apps?

Businesses today need a smart, cross-platform solution to display their presence on the newly emerging mobile web. Jaenovation Mobile website applications work on all major mobile smart phones. Mobile website applications, unlike phone applications, are platform independent, meaning that users are not restricted by phone type or platform. It is becoming far more important for a business to have an accessible online mobile presence rather than just a mobile application for a single device like the iPhone or Android. Jaenovation mobile website applications are the perfect solution.

Content Management System

Mobile Content Management System

Add, edit, and manage your mobile website content dynamically. Manage your navigation menus and categories. Add/edit new pages and create an automatic sitemap. Add and edit text and images as you please. Post current contact and location information so your customers can easily find and contact you.

User Experience

Improved User Experience

No more pinching and zooming to view a webpage. Large buttons and intuitive navigation allow your mobile visitors to enjoy navigating your mobile website. Satisfied visitors means quality returning traffic for your brand and increased sales conversions from mobile users.

Smart Tag Marketing

Smart Tag Marketing

Print your custom Microsoft smart Tag for your mobile users to scan. Your Tag can take your mobile users to your store or even to your promo video. You can integrate your tag into any of your marketing campaigns and measure its success.

Jaenovation CMS


Our mobile solution leverages the abilities of all modern mobile devices, giving your customers turn by turn directions to your location.

Event Management

Event Management

Display your upcoming events on your mobile event calendar or publish mobile image galleries for your past events. Your mobile website users can view event details, photos and share with friends and even sign up for the event.



With a mobile website app, your business is just one tap away. Tap2Call function help customers call you instantly.

Contact Form

Contact Form

Let your mobile users send their enquiries regarding your services, products or questions.

Campaign Management

Create campaigns to convert your leads into customers.

Lead Generation

Build your customer list using several different mobile lead generation features.

Social Media

Increase your Facebook "likes" and display live Twitter feeds on your mobile website. Keep your mobile users up to date and coming back for more.


Use analytical tools to measure the results of your marketing campaigns. These features provide valuable information which helps you increase traffic and have a higher conversion rate.

Get Reservations

Let your customers make reservation for specific event. Manage reservations, arrange tables and generate event reports.

SMS and Email Marketing

Take advantage of mobile marketing and keep your customers informed while they're on the go. Get creative with your mobile marketing strategies and have your mobile users text for discount codes and promotional deals.