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Content Management System

Jaenovation CMS

Maintain and update your website anytime with new content, images, and video. No need for hi-tech knowledge to manage your robust site. Keep your site updated with relevant information to ensure visitors return for more.

Jaenovation CMS

Create New Pages

Create new pages with Advanced HTML Editor and publish it with ease. Every new page comes with its own modifiable SEO variables. Save your new page, and it will take its place on sitemap automatically.

Jaenovation CMS

Dynamic Image Gallery

Create your own dynamic picture showcase. Manage your gallery with ease by display order or title. Upload, delete, group, rename, crop, resize and save images with simple user interface. When you are finished editing your image, add it to HTML editor.

Jaenovation CMS

Analytics Tool

Jaenovation Analytics module allows you to track, manage, analyze and learn about the success of your site and marketing campaigns. Jaenovation CMS provides robust solutions to manage your Google analytics reports via Jaenovation CMS- all in one analytics module.

Jaenovation CMS
  • Track your site traffic with the built-in Analytics Interface
  • Easy setup and integration with Google Analytics API
  • Track number of daily visitors with graphical reports
  • See all visits around the world with map overlay
  • Evaluate your campaigns with direct or referred traffic source overviews
Jaenovation CMS

Advanced HTML Editor

Jaenovation HMTL Editor provides powerful editing capabilities resulting in clean XHTML output, rapid rendering, wide cross-browser support, and a multitude of features. What is more, important enhancements make it the first accessible rich text web editor on the market, offering accessibility support for sight-impaired users.

  • Cross-browser Support
  • Optimized Speed
  • Image Editor
  • Template Editor
  • Document Editor
Jaenovation CMS

Design Editor

Our design studio lets you organize and manage your CSS files and images with our integrated file management interface. Create new directories, upload new images and control your design files without needing an FTP client.

Jaenovation CMS

Multi-site Management

Multi-site management capabilities are a critical differentiator of Jaenovation Web CMS solutions. Business organizations with multiple brands and identities need a powerful solution to manage multiple sites, whether they are marketing campaign micro sites or fully-fledged, separate websites.

Each website has with its own look-and-feel and multiple navigations, and also has separate content, internal search functionality, workflows, permissions, and user dashboards. Each site is set up as its own entity, but managed by a single platform, saving you time and money.

Jaenovation CMS

SEO Ready

Effective web marketing requires search engine optimization as part of an online promotion strategy. Jaenovation CMS produces a fully optimized website. Define search engine-friendly page names, sitemaps, insert Meta tags and titles, and define Meta keywords and descriptions. Our SEO tools ensure effective online exposure to your target audience.

Jaenovation CMS

Video Gallery

Our video module uses latest video streaming technology and comes with a sleek video player. Upload your video files to video gallery with ease and define any video to be displayed on your splash page. With advanced media management option, easily add videos and flash animations.

Jaenovation CMS

Role Management

Within a single site, an infinite amount of workspaces may be created for each user or group of users required. This page has a standard layout, containing body text, multimedia items and legal information. As each individual workspace submits edits to the page, changes are merged, and the user is warned of any conflicting edits. For example, a media manager, content editor, and marketing director within one organization can each have separate, defined access to edit their own assigned content.


With template management tools, it's easy to upload your HTML template files and import to your HTML editor. Create dynamic html modules to use as multiple web forms with our Snippets tool.

Dynamic Sitemap

View and change order of the sitemap items to create the menu structure of the site.

File Management

Upload, sort, edit and view your digital files and folders. We keep your data on our hi-tech cloud server so you can reach your files anytime, anywhere.

RSS Feeds

Our RSS System allows users who use newsreaders or news aggregators the ability to "subscribe" to your various RSS Feeds. Use RSS content management with blogs, audio/video podcasting, news, and articles.

Blog and News

View and change order of the sitemap items to create the menu structure of the site.


In this example, the English language is the primary data key for content. For each additional language, set different text and content. Multi-lingual option is also available for admin panel.