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Jaenovation Cloud CMS Vs. On-Premises and Open source CMS Software

Jaenovation Cloud model provides tremendous advantages over traditional on-premises and open source solutions. To help you make the right choice, consider these 10 reasons why you should consider Jaenovation Cloud Services for your next all in one content management solution.

Complete solutions out of the box

Jaenovation offers 20+ built in modules solving a typical content management business problems and much more

Low Cost

Jaenovation Cloud CMS, powered by cloud computing technology, is a sophisticated content management all in one solution that is hosted on our servers in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment.
With Jaenovation's highly affordable pay-as-you-go service you avoid capital costs for servers, software, and integration.

Low risk

With an affordable one-year subscription, Jaenovation delivers an enterprise class Jaenovation Cloud CMS solution without the aggravation of maintenance contracts and upgrade fees.

Higher availability and reliability

Keep your precious data and code away from security hazards with our dedicated, isolated software. Just one more way Jaenovation is working to keep your web presence safe. Jaenovation delivers proven higher than many internal IT organizations can deliver. Jaenovation’s disaster recovery plan includes redundant and failover servers, routers and switches.

Greater control over access to your data

Jaenovation hosts your data, but it’s your data and available for access via Jaenovation's advanced open access data protocols. Jaenovation Cloud Web Services supports all top data formats such as XML, Plain Text, Jason, etc. It can be downloaded, at any time, by someone with permission — without any IT involvement.

Stability + Performance

Jaenovation offers high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.


Jaenovation's Advanced role-based access control web services allow creation of multiple roles and secure web presence management.


Making sure your service is able to support the necessary speed, function, and technological specifications of your web presense. Software as a service Jaenovation Cloud platforms combines the power of cloud technology with the knowledge and expertise that Jaenovation offers.
With the support reaction times can be agreed, which imply delicate contractual penalties in case of non-observance – therefore an extensive support is guaranteed.

Web design service

Our talented team of designers provides exceptional design work to exceed the needs of even the most specific requirements.