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Control web sites, mobile sites, web and mobile e-commerce, SMS and email marketing campaigns and social media integration from one central platform.


Jaenovation's Support Team is responsive, friendly and skilled in providing professional support. Additionallly, basic support service is included with each subscription to Jaenovation CMS. Ways to take advantage of our support team include:

  • Telephone Support
  • Email and online inquiry submission
  • Educational and training videos
  • Videos to introduce new solution and upcoming releases

An added benefit of Jaenovation's Support Team is our recommendation of best practices for achieving high levels of adoption and new ways to optimize Jaenovation CMS. Furthermore, we will assist you in broadening the way you use Jaenovation CMS with added functionalities customized to your needs.

Customer Support for Upgrades and New Releases

Jaenovation continues to deliver new feature releases frequently. These new releases incorporate requests and leverage the latest web technologies to continually improve our solution.

Continuous feedback from the growing Jaenovation user community is vital to our ability to release new features which drive value for our future customers.

Each release includes release announcements highlighting major new features and benefits, videos highlighting new release functionality, and services to help our customers plan for the release.